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My MBA Career: Embracing Sustainability at Top Business Schools



Last Updated on November 11, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Griffith Business School in Australia and Bard College in the United States have been named as the top MBA programs worldwide for sustainable development concepts, according to the recently released Better World MBA ranking. The ranking, which assessed 209 business schools globally, focused on the proportion of the core curriculum that addresses topics such as biodiversity, carbon pricing, indigenous consultation, child labor, corruption reduction, and employment equity.

The top-ranked schools demonstrated consistency with previous years, showing their commitment to sustainability education. However, the ranking also revealed that seven new schools have now made it to the top 40 list, indicating a growing interest in sustainable development within the business education sector.

Of particular note was Bard College’s MBA in Sustainability, which has received recognition as the only MBA program offered by the institution. This highlights a shift away from conventional MBA programs that typically disregard sustainability concepts. By offering a specialized program solely focused on sustainability, Bard College is leading the way in incorporating this important aspect into business education.

Other schools, such as Audencia Business School in France and Schulich School of Business at York University in Canada, have also emerged as strong contenders in the Better World MBA ranking due to their emphasis on sustainability within their programs. This signals a wider trend of business schools acknowledging the urgent need to prioritize sustainability in their curricula to address global challenges.

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Despite this progress, more work is still needed to fully integrate sustainability in business school education. The Corporate Knights ranking, for instance, introduced a new social-purpose lens that emphasizes purpose over profit. However, this lens has not yet been widely incorporated into business school curricula, suggesting that there is room for improvement in preparing MBA graduates to lead purpose-driven businesses.

As the demand for sustainability-focused businesses and leaders continues to rise, it is imperative that business schools adapt their curricula accordingly. The Better World MBA ranking serves as an important tool for prospective students who are seeking MBA programs that prioritize sustainable development. It is hoped that the ranking will encourage more business schools to reorient their curriculum to include sustainability, contributing to a better and more sustainable world.

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