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My MBA Career: Fast-Track Path to a Masters Degree for College Students



Last Updated on October 17, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: UChicago’s Advanced Scholars Program Empowers College Students for Future Careers

Chicago, IL – The University of Chicago’s prestigious Advanced Scholars Program has been opened to college students seeking to enhance their education and develop specialized skills. As part of this program, students can position themselves favorably for launching their careers or pursuing advanced graduate studies.

The esteemed faculty in the master’s programs are excited to help these “double Maroons” further refine their talents. The aim is to equip students with approaches that will serve them well in their professional journeys, regardless of their chosen paths.

One such student, Devon Delgado, eagerly anticipates gaining a competitive edge and learning the essential skills required to confidently enter the job market from industry leaders. Delgado’s capstone project focuses on data science and provides valuable insights into what a future career in this field may encompass.

Meanwhile, Watson Lubin, another participant in the program, has chosen to seize the opportunity to fortify his research skills and gain a solid foundation for his teaching career. The MAPSS (Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences) offers Lubin a chance to refine his quantitative abilities and augment his research experience, thereby boosting his prospects for PhD applications.

For Angelysse Madsen, studying psychology within the MAPSS program is a means to narrow down her academic and career interests. The program allows her to delve deeper into her chosen field, guiding her towards finding her niche in the psychology domain.

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One factor that draws students to this program is the opportunity to remain in Chicago for an additional year. The familiarity and stability offered by staying in the same city resonates with many, allowing them to focus on their theses and involvement in various on-campus organizations without the added pressure of applying to graduate schools and uprooting their lives.

The UChicago Advanced Scholars Program nurtures the aspirations of college students, fostering their growth and providing them tailored education and connections to shape their careers. With its endeavor to equip these students with both specialized knowledge and the versatility to adapt, this program is set to be a stepping stone towards long-term success for the ambitious minds of tomorrow.

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