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My MBA Career: Predicting the Most In-Demand Entry Level Jobs in 2023



Last Updated on September 30, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Competitive Job Market: Most Sought-After Entry-Level Positions in the US

In today’s competitive job market, with the increasing influence of technology and a challenging labor market, applicants face tough competition while vying for entry-level positions in the United States. In order to help job seekers navigate this competitive landscape, has identified the most sought-after entry-level jobs for both applicants with and without a degree.

For applicants holding a degree, the top entry-level jobs include outside sales representative, transportation coordinator, quality auditor, accounting, and tax preparer. Among these positions, sales jobs have seen a significant surge in demand, with outside sales representative being the most sought-after role. Additionally, the healthcare industry offers attractive prospects for fresh graduates, with positions such as mental health case managers, speech pathologists, behavioral therapists, and patient access managers. The tech sector also boasts lucrative options, including network operations technician and IT engineer.

On the other hand, job seekers without a degree can still find high-paying opportunities. Among the most sought-after entry-level jobs for individuals without a degree are inventory manager, auto body technician, environmental health and safety specialist, and salon manager. Interestingly, auto body technician stands out as one of the highest paying jobs on the list, showcasing that skilled workers without a degree can still attain well-compensated positions.

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However, despite not requiring a degree, competition for these entry-level jobs is on the rise. This serves as a reminder that having a degree can provide a valuable advantage when applying for certain positions, such as business analyst and relationship banker. As more applicants enter the job market, possessing a degree can help candidates stand out from the crowd.

In conclusion, the job market for entry-level positions in the United States is fiercely competitive. Whether applicants hold a degree or not, they must be prepared to face the challenges posed by this dynamic labor market. By identifying the most sought-after entry-level jobs, offers valuable insights that can aid job seekers in their pursuit of a successful career.

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