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My MBA Career: Principal Adopts Student Disciplined in His Office



Last Updated on November 25, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Kentucky Student Finds a Loving Family after Middle School Incident

In a heartwarming tale of determination and compassion, Raven Whitaker-Smith, a former sixth-grade student from Kentucky, has discovered a loving family after facing reprimand from her middle school principal.

It all started when Whitaker-Smith impulsively threw a cup of yogurt during lunch, catching the attention of her principal, Jason Smith. Little did she know that this incident would become the turning point in her life. During their conversation, the troubled young girl opened up about her life in a group home and her longing for a loving family.

Moved by her story, Jason Smith and his wife, Marybeth Smith, who had previously struggled with infertility and fostering children who eventually returned to their biological families, decided to start the process of fostering Whitaker-Smith. Although hesitant at first, Whitaker-Smith’s doubts quickly disappeared during a weekend visit to the Smiths’ home.

In 2017, when Whitaker-Smith was just 12 years old, the Smiths officially adopted her as their own. The adoption not only provided Whitaker-Smith with a stable and loving home but also saved her from what she believes would have been a different and darker path.

Whitaker-Smith, now a student of social work at the University of Kentucky, credits her newfound family with giving her life purpose and hopes to help others who have experienced similar challenges. Despite the adversities she faced throughout her traumatic childhood, she has shown incredible resilience and determination to create a better future for herself and others like her.

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The Smiths are advocates for fostering teenagers and urge others to consider this rewarding experience. They wholeheartedly believe that love knows no boundaries, affirming that they couldn’t love Whitaker-Smith any more if they had given birth to her.

This heartwarming story serves as a reminder that genuine compassion and support can transform lives. Raven Whitaker-Smith’s journey from a troubled student to a motivated college student and aspiring social worker is a testament to the power of family and the importance of providing a loving and nurturing environment for those in need.

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