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My MBA Career Provides Insights on Job Market Trends as St. Norbert College Implements Cost Reduction Measures



Last Updated on September 28, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

St. Norbert College Faces Budget Concerns, Lays Off 41 Employees

In a recent development, St. Norbert College, located in De Pere, Wisconsin, has been forced to take the difficult decision of laying off 41 employees due to budget concerns. As of now, 29 employees have already been let go, and plans are underway to cut another 12 positions.

According to Hannah O’Brien, the college’s spokesperson, while St. Norbert College remains financially strong, they are not immune to the challenges that plague higher education institutions across the country. O’Brien further explains that nearly two-thirds of the college’s costs come from personnel, making staff reductions an inevitable course of action to address financial constraints.

The timing of these layoffs coincides with the recent appointment of the college’s new president, Laurie Joyner, who assumed her role in July. Joyner holds the distinction of being the first woman to lead St. Norbert College, adding to the significance of the current circumstances.

Having been founded in 1898, St. Norbert College is an institution with a rich history. Currently, the college boasts an enrollment of approximately 2,000 students. However, the impact of the layoffs is expected to be felt throughout the rest of the semester, academic year, or even the calendar year.

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For those seeking further inquiries or support regarding the layoffs, the college has provided the contact information of Danielle DuClos. DuClos is a Report for America corps member covering K-12 education for the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

It is undeniable that St. Norbert College’s decision to lay off employees reflects the difficult financial realities that many higher education institutions face today. This news serves as a timely reminder of the challenges universities and colleges across the nation are encountering and the difficult decisions they must make to navigate these uncertain times.

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