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My MBA Career: Remarkable Job Outcomes at a Leading U.S. B-School



Last Updated on October 28, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Georgia Tech Scheller Full-time MBAs Succeed in the Job Market and Garner Lucrative Salaries

In recent news, Georgia Tech Scheller’s prestigious Full-time MBA program has once again demonstrated its remarkable success in cultivating highly employable graduates. According to the latest data, an impressive 96% of its Class of 2023 secured employment within a mere three months of graduation.

One of the most noteworthy achievements of the program’s graduates is the substantial increase in their average base salary. The Class of 2023 averaged an impressive salary base of $154,679, marking a substantial 12.25% jump from the previous year. This notable increase exemplifies the value placed on a Georgia Tech Scheller MBA by employers across various industries.

Over half of the graduating class, precisely 58%, has ventured into the consulting industry, further solidifying the program’s reputation for producing exceptional talent in this field. However, the success stories extend beyond consulting, with many graduates finding their paths in the technology, financial services, and transportation/logistics industries.

The Georgia Tech Scheller MBA program attributes its students’ remarkable achievements to the unwavering support they receive from the Jones MBA Career Center. The center’s robust career services assistance and guidance undoubtedly play a critical role in preparing students for the competitive job market, helping them secure coveted positions shortly after graduation.

In other news, college presidents nationwide have voiced their concerns over a recent affirmative action-related decision made by the Supreme Court. A significant 68% of college presidents have expressed their opposition to the court’s ruling, which curbs race-conscious admissions. They argue that diversity should remain a top priority for institutions of higher education in fostering inclusive learning environments.

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In a show of philanthropic generosity, David W. Wilson has made a landmark $25 million donation to the University of Northern Iowa. The university’s largest-ever single gift will establish the Wilson College of Business. This significant contribution aims to not only enhance business education at the institution but also promote ethical standards and assist students in achieving outstanding success.

Amid these promising developments, recent reports from the Wall Street Journal indicate a shortage of job opportunities for MBA graduates. However, it is important to note that Georgia Tech Scheller’s Full-time MBA program continues to defy these statistics, consistently producing highly employable graduates with impressive salary packages.

Overall, Georgia Tech Scheller’s Class of 2023 sets a new benchmark for success in the job market, with their exceptional employment rates, increasing salaries, and widespread industry placements. The program’s commitment to providing unparalleled career services and support ensures that its graduates flourish in today’s competitive business landscape.

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