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My MBA Career: Review of MBA Jobs and Salaries



My MBA Career: Review of MBA Jobs and Salaries
My MBA Career: Review of MBA Jobs and Salaries

Last Updated on August 31, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: IPADE Business School: A Premier Destination for MBA Graduates in Latin America

IPADE Business School, located in Latin America, has emerged as a top study destination for MBA graduates who seek advancement in their careers. The school’s comprehensive 22-month MBA program covers a wide range of business fundamentals, equipping students with the skills needed to succeed in the corporate world.

One of the key advantages of studying at IPADE is the extensive career support provided by the IPADE Careers Service Office. Utilizing the office’s guidance, 62% of job-seeking students from the class of 2022 secured permanent positions even before graduation. Impressively, within three months of completing the program, all graduates had found jobs.

Much of this success can be attributed to the various career-oriented activities organized by the school. IPADE hosts career fairs, case competitions, and networking sessions that facilitate connections between students and potential employers. Numerous job offers have materialized through these events, providing students with valuable opportunities to kickstart their professional journeys.

While the majority of graduates choose to pursue careers in established organizations, 3% of IPADE MBA graduates had entrepreneurial aspirations. With their enhanced business acumen gained from the program, they ventured into starting their own businesses.

The IPADE MBA program paves the way for careers in various industries, with technology emerging as the most popular choice among recent graduates. Other sectors attracting IPADE graduates include healthcare, finance, and insurance. The program’s accolades are bolstered by its relationships with leading tech firms like Amazon and Microsoft, as well as finance professionals such as BBVA and Banamex, who actively recruit IPADE graduates.

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In addition to the diverse career options, IPADE’s MBA graduates also enjoy competitive salaries and benefits. A striking 16% of students reported receiving signing bonuses upon securing employment.

Bernardo Aramburu’s story exemplifies the success of the IPADE MBA program. He transitioned from financial analysis to a general management position at Grupo Modelo, a prominent company, after completing the MBA. His journey underscores the program’s efficacy in transforming careers and propelling individuals to leadership roles.

For individuals seeking to enhance their business skills and pursue managerial or leadership positions, the IPADE MBA program offers a promising pathway. Graduates can anticipate strong career prospects and impressive compensation packages, making IPADE Business School a highly desirable choice for MBA graduates in Latin America.

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