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My MBA Career: Share Your Experience with AppleCare+ and Other Coverage Options



Last Updated on May 10, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

A MacBook Air user is currently weighing the pros and cons of purchasing AppleCare+ for their new M3 15″ model. The user, who has never had to use AppleCare for their iPhone or iPad, is debating whether the investment is worth it for their laptop.

Despite money not being an issue, the user only bought the MacBook Air because of a deal they found at $1,222. If they had to pay the full retail price of $1,599, they claim they would not have purchased the laptop in the first place. With this in mind, the user’s gut is leaning towards not buying AppleCare+, feeling that they should be careful with the device and not invest more money into it.

The user sees their MacBook Air as a luxury product for learning programming, using Logic Pro, and light productivity while traveling. They plan to keep the laptop in a sleeve when not in use and in a padded laptop bag when traveling, with the intention of keeping it for 5+ years. However, they are unsure if they would pay for a $500 repair cost in the future, and may opt to sell it for parts instead.

In addition to AppleCare+, the user is considering a Best Buy Total membership, which includes AppleCare+ for each year of membership. However, they are hesitant as they would end up paying more overall compared to just buying AppleCare+ outright.

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The user is seeking advice from the community on their views and experiences with AppleCare+, questioning whether it is worth the investment based on their planned use of the MacBook Air. Have you had to use AppleCare+ for your devices, or have you purchased it and never had to use it? Share your thoughts with us on My MBA Career’s discussion forum.

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