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My MBA Career: Taking Charge at Roanoke County School Boards Turbulent Meeting



Last Updated on August 1, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Arrests Made at Roanoke County School Board Meeting Amidst Heated Exchange

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Roanoke County, VA – A Roanoke County School Board meeting took an unexpected turn as tensions escalated, resulting in the arrests of two individuals. The incident unfolded when attendees began chanting “protect trans kids,” leading to one person being taken into custody. As the situation intensified, Benjamin James, a Roanoke County native and vocal supporter of the transgender community, engaged in a heated exchange with School Board Chairman, Brent Hudson, before also being arrested.

The individuals arrested during the meeting were identified as Shannon “Dan” Clawson and Benjamin James. Both have been charged with trespassing as a result of their actions. Following his release, James expressed surprise at the turn of events, asserting that he didn’t believe he had done anything deserving of arrest.

James attended the meeting to stand in solidarity with the transgender community and voice concerns over their welfare. Roanoke County Public Schools’ policy places the responsibility for maintaining order during meetings on the School Board Chair, who has the authority to address such matters. Chairman Hudson subsequently took action, clearing the room and emphasizing that every inch of the school buildings was a safe space. He vowed to support individuals, regardless of their claimed gender, stressing their right to feel protected.

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The incident left parents and community members divided. Tiffany Sandifer, a mother of two Roanoke County students, voiced her intention to organize a school board recall vote with the aim of removing what she referred to as “extremist elements” from the board. Sandifer’s sentiments aligned with a segment of the community who believed the actions and chants at the meeting went too far.

Despite his arrest and the ensuing consequences, James remains resolute. He adamantly affirmed that he wouldn’t change anything, underscoring his commitment to advocating for the transgender community. His steadfast dedication to fighting for what he believes in resonates with many allies.

The abrupt turn of events at the Roanoke County School Board meeting has sparked discussions about the continued struggle for LGBTQ+ rights and acceptance within the community. As the fallout from the arrests continues, it remains to be seen how this incident will impact further deliberations regarding the welfare and inclusion of transgender students in the school district.

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