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My MBA Career: The Struggles of Job Hunting Revealed by a Persistent Programmer



Last Updated on October 18, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Software Engineer Conducts Unique Experiment to Uncover the Realities of Job Hunting

Subtitle: Shikhar Sachdev’s Journey of Filling Out 250 Random Job Applications Sheds Light on Job Seekers’ Frustration

[City], [Date] – In an unprecedented move, software engineer, Shikhar Sachdev, has taken up a peculiar hobby, treating job applications as a sport. Recognizing the overwhelming frustration experienced by job seekers, Sachdev decided to personally embark on a mission to better understand the process by applying to numerous job openings. In collaboration with the popular website “My MBA Career,” Sachdev has shared his remarkable findings to help aspiring professionals navigate job hunting challenges effectively.

Initially, Sachdev set an audacious goal to complete 500 software engineering job applications. However, the colossal undertaking prompted him to scale back to a more achievable target of 250 random job applications. By doing so, he hoped to observe the common frustrations faced by job seekers and gain valuable insights into their experiences.

Throughout the experiment, Sachdev meticulously timed each individual application, collectively spending a staggering 11 hours filling out applications. This dedicated approach allowed him to gather precise data, illuminating the average time it takes to complete a job application.

Sachdev’s findings revealed that the process of filling out a job application takes an average of 2 minutes and 42 seconds. However, the time spent on each application significantly varied, depending on the specific requirements of the job and the applicant tracking software used by hiring companies.

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“My objective was to delve into the realm of job hunting and provide aspiring candidates with a realistic overview of the challenges they may encounter,” Sachdev shared. “By experiencing the process firsthand, I hope to shed light on the frustrations faced by job seekers, ultimately empowering them to make necessary adjustments and approach the application process more effectively.”

Sachdev’s experiment encapsulated the widespread sentiment among job seekers that the job hunting journey can be overwhelmingly frustrating. From filling out tedious applications to encountering the complexities of applicant tracking systems, aspiring professionals are faced with numerous obstacles in their quest for fulfilling careers.

Through his collaboration with “My MBA Career,” Sachdev aims to equip aspiring professionals with actionable strategies to overcome these hurdles. The platform will be featuring regular articles written by Sachdev, in which he will share crucial insights gathered during his intriguing journey of applying to random jobs.

As job hunting continues to evolve and become increasingly competitive, Shikhar Sachdev’s unique approach serves as a beacon of hope for countless job seekers. With his determined efforts to analyze and uncover the underlying frustrations, Sachdev offers a much-needed resource to navigate the challenging landscape of the job market successfully.

About My MBA Career:
“My MBA Career” is a leading online platform dedicated to providing valuable insights and resources for aspiring MBA professionals. With expert advice, career guidance, and industry-specific knowledge, My MBA Career aims to empower individuals seeking to excel in their careers and create a positive impact in the corporate world.

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