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My MBA Career Tops International MBA Ranking: INSEAD Takes Lead Over IESE – Poets&Quants



Last Updated on December 24, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

INSEAD reclaims top spot in the Poets&Quants ranking of best international MBA programs, winning the prestigious MBA Program of the Year award for its sustainability focus. The school’s accelerated 10-month MBA program provides a diversified and global experience with students representing 110 nationalities and 75 countries.

In a recent survey, the top five international MBA programs were identified as IESE Business School in Barcelona, SDA Boconni in Milan, London Business School, and CEIBS in Shanghai. However, this year’s composite ranking was influenced by the absence of The Economist and Forbes’ global MBA rankings.

The ranking takes into account both quantitative and qualitative data from The Financial Times and Bloomberg Businessweek. Unfortunately, only 11 international MBA programs were ranked by Bloomberg Businessweek this year, marking a record low due to schools dropping out of participating.

Several schools faced significant shifts in rankings, including ESCP Business School, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Audencia Business School, and Trinity College Dublin. The most notable decline was seen by Germany’s Mannheim Business School, dropping 21 places in the rankings.

The United Kingdom presents the most schools on the list, closely followed by France, India, and Canada. However, INSEAD’s return to the top spot is primarily attributed to its strong performance in the Financial Times ranking and its revamped curriculum focusing on sustainability.

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The unique 10-month format of INSEAD’s MBA program has gained popularity among students due to its cost and time-saving benefits. Additionally, INSEAD Dean Francisco Veloso believes that the school’s global nature and experiences remain as relevant as ever in the current fractured world.

With its reestablished position as the best international MBA program, INSEAD continues to attract aspiring business leaders who seek a transformative and globally-oriented educational experience.

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