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Last Updated on March 6, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

The recent caucus in Iowa provided an interesting insight into the demographics and beliefs of Republican caucus-goers in the state.

According to entrance polls conducted at caucus locations, the majority of attendees were male, making up 56% of the crowd, while 44% were female. The 45-64 age group was the most represented, with 41% falling within that range. When it came to education, 51% were college graduates, while 49% did not hold a college degree.

In terms of political affiliation, a vast majority (82%) identified as Republicans, while 16% identified as Independent or other. The majority of caucus-goers considered themselves very conservative, at 52%. The economy was the most important issue for 38% of attendees, closely followed by immigration at 34%.

When it came to candidate qualities, 41% of caucus-goers believed that sharing their values was the most important factor. The majority (61%) supported a federal law banning most or all abortions nationwide. Interestingly, 66% did not consider Joe Biden to have legitimately won the presidency in 2020, and 46% identified as part of the MAGA movement.

Despite potential legal issues, 65% of caucus-goers stated they would still consider Donald Trump fit to be president even if convicted of a crime. A large majority (65%) had made up their minds before the caucus, with only 35% still undecided on the day of the event. The majority of attendees hailed from small cities and rural areas, making up 41% of the caucus-goers.

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Overall, the Iowa caucus shed light on the beliefs and priorities of Republican voters in the state, giving a glimpse into the current political landscape within the party.

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