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Last Updated on November 23, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Burlington High School in Vermont is facing yet another administrative shake-up as Principal Debra Beaupre has officially resigned. After being on administrative leave for several weeks, Beaupre’s resignation will take effect on Tuesday, Nov. 28, leaving the school district in search of an interim principal and assistant principal.

This news comes as no surprise to many, as Beaupre has become the fourth principal to leave the school in just three years. The constant turnover in leadership has left the community yearning for stability at Burlington High School. With this latest resignation, the district is determined to swiftly fill these positions and establish a solid leadership team.

In the meantime, current Assistant Principal Sabrina Westdijk will continue to serve as acting principal until a permanent replacement is found. The district plans to begin recruiting for a permanent principal who will assume the role on July 1.

The circumstances leading to Beaupre’s leave and subsequent resignation have been shrouded in controversy. It was reported that she was placed on leave after pulling a fire alarm at the school. Beaupre claimed she was merely attempting to defuse a student altercation and ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Despite these statements, Beaupre has not offered any additional comment on the situation. The community and district administrators, however, are focused on moving forward and finding a leader who can bring stability to Burlington High School.

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As the district begins its search for an interim principal and assistant principal, the hope is to have a full leadership team in place as soon as possible. The community is eagerly awaiting news of a permanent principal who can provide the consistency and stability that students and staff deserve.

With so much uncertainty surrounding Burlington High School’s leadership, the district’s recruitment efforts for a permanent principal will play a pivotal role in bringing back a sense of stability to the school. Until then, the community will rely on the dedication of Acting Principal Sabrina Westdijk to ensure the smooth operation of Burlington High School.

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