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My MBA Journey: A Reflection on the HKS/HBS Joint Degree Program



Last Updated on August 19, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School Student Shares Transformative MBA Experience

Boston, MA – In an exclusive interview, Sarah Johnson, a joint-degree student at Harvard Business School (HBS) and Harvard Kennedy School of Government, shed light on her background, pre-MBA experience, and the unique educational journey she is undertaking.

Discussing her decision to pursue an MBA and dual degree program, Johnson explained how her passion for leadership in the public sector led her to seek a comprehensive education that covers both business and government. She believes that the combination of these two degrees will equip her with the necessary skills to create impactful change in society.

Reflecting on her time at HBS, Johnson highlighted the unparalleled educational experience and access to renowned faculty members that the institution offers. She described how the interactive classroom setting, combined with case studies and real-world simulations, have enabled her to develop critical thinking skills and hone her decision-making abilities.

Additionally, Johnson emphasized the invaluable networking opportunities HBS provides, where she has had the chance to interact with influential individuals from various industries. These connections have opened doors to potential internships, mentorships, and future business partnerships.

Undoubtedly, the transformative nature of the HBS program was a central theme in Johnson’s interview. She spoke passionately about the personal growth and self-discovery that she and her peers have experienced throughout their time at HBS. The school’s emphasis on experiential learning allows students to apply their knowledge practically, preparing them for real-world challenges.

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Aspiring students considering a joint-degree program were not left without advice. Johnson stressed the importance of careful planning and finding the right balance between the two fields of study. She emphasized the need to align the coursework of both schools and maximize the synergies between them. Ultimately, she believes that the dual-degree program is a truly rewarding and enriching experience.

Johnson’s inspiring story showcases the unique educational opportunities provided by the joint-degree program at Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Aspiring MBA students will undoubtedly find value in her perspective on the transformative power of a comprehensive education, access to renowned faculty, and the chance to connect with influential individuals in various industries.

For more insights and information on pursuing an MBA and a dual degree at esteemed institutions like HBS, visit ‘My MBA Career’ and learn from professionals who have walked the same path.

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