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My MBA Journey: Christian L. Bailey-Burke, Duke University (Fuqua) – Personal Insights



Last Updated on November 14, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Aspiring Physician from High Point, NC Embraces Diversity at Duke Fuqua

Introducing Christian L. Bailey-Burke, an aspiring physician hailing from High Point, North Carolina. With an extensive background in neuroscience from Harvard University, Christian has set his sights on pursuing a career that combines his passion for business and clinical medicine. Currently enrolled as a Fuqua MBA student at Duke University, Christian is excited to be part of a vibrant and diverse community that shares his values.

Having previously worked as a Strategy Consultant at Deloitte Consulting, Christian was drawn to Duke Fuqua’s unique “Team Fuqua” culture, which emphasizes the principle of “Collective Diversity.” For him, diversity is not just a buzzword, but a vital ingredient for the success of any organization. He believes that diverse perspectives lead to innovative ideas and ultimately shape a more inclusive society.

Christian’s decision to join Duke Fuqua was further solidified by the opportunity to pursue the Health Sector Management Certificate. As a dual MD/MBA student, he sought a curriculum that catered to his interests in both business and clinical medicine. Duke Fuqua provided the ideal platform to balance his academic pursuits, allowing him to leverage his experiences and knowledge to improve patient outcomes and increase accessibility to healthcare services.

Impressed by the warm and welcoming nature of the Fuqua MBA students and alumni he has encountered, Christian is motivated to engage and contribute meaningfully. One highlight of his experience so far has been attending Blue Devil Weekend, where he was amazed by the outgoing and approachable nature of the students.

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Christian’s enthusiasm extends beyond the borders of the campus. He eagerly anticipates the possibility of participating in the Global Academic Travel Experience (GATE) or the Fuqua Exchange Program, particularly with a strong desire to explore countries in Africa or Asia. The opportunity to immerse himself in diverse cultures and gain firsthand exposure to global healthcare systems is something he eagerly looks forward to.

When asked about his advice for future applicants to Duke Fuqua, Christian emphasizes the importance of reflecting on unique qualities and experiences that align with the Team Fuqua spirit. Demonstrating how one’s individual strengths can contribute to the collective diversity and collaborative nature of the program is vital in the application process.

As an aspiring physician on a dual MD/MBA path, Christian remains focused on his goal of utilizing the valuable experiences and knowledge gained at Duke Fuqua to make a tangible impact on patient outcomes and healthcare accessibility. He firmly believes that his MBA experience will be successful if he can effectively leverage his interactions with peers, faculty, and mentors in the healthcare space.

Christian L. Bailey-Burke’s journey at Duke Fuqua embodies the essence of diversity, inclusivity, and the drive to make a difference in global healthcare. His aspiration to serve as a catalyst for positive change is one that resonates well with the values of the Fuqua community, ensuring a promising future for his MBA career and beyond.

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