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My MBA Journey: Embracing the Digital Transformation of Standardized Testing for Admissions



Last Updated on March 10, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

The SAT, a standardized test widely used in college admissions, is undergoing a significant change that has sparked debate among educators and students alike. The College Board recently announced that the test will transition to a fully digital format, eliminating the option for students to take it on paper.

The move towards digital testing is aimed at making the SAT more accessible and fair for all students. However, concerns have been raised about the implications of this change, particularly in terms of equity in testing. The digital format will require students to have access to technology and internet connectivity, which may pose challenges for those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Education reporter Nadra Nittle from The 19th News will be discussing the implications of this change with Laura Barrón-López, shedding more light on the ongoing debate over the role of the SAT in college admissions. Some argue that standardized tests like the SAT are not the best measure of a student’s potential or readiness for college, while others believe that it is a valuable tool for evaluating students’ academic abilities and predicting their success in college.

As colleges and universities consider alternative assessment methods, the debate over the SAT’s role in admissions is expected to continue. It remains to be seen how this transition to a digital format will impact students’ testing experiences and ultimately, their paths to higher education. Stay tuned to My MBA Career for further updates on this evolving issue.

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