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My MBA Journey: Exploring the Struggles of Job Hunting and Insights from a Dedicated Programmer



Last Updated on October 18, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Software engineer Shikhar Sachdev has turned job applications into a sport by adopting a unique hobby. Recognizing the frustrations faced by job seekers, both in his own career and among his friends, Sachdev decided to conduct a personal experiment. He challenged himself to apply to 500 software engineering jobs in order to gain a firsthand understanding of the process.

However, halfway through the challenge, Sachdev encountered a setback that forced him to scale back his target to 250 job applications. Undeterred, he diligently timed each application from start to finish, spending a total of approximately 11 hours on the entire process.

Surprisingly, Sachdev did not actively pursue the majority of the jobs for which he submitted applications. Instead, he focused on clicking “Submit” only for the opportunities that truly interested him. This allowed him to closely observe the frustrations that arise during the application process without committing himself to unnecessary interviews or follow-ups.

Sachdev discovered that, on average, it took him about 2 minutes and 42 seconds to complete an application. However, he noticed a significant variation in the time spent on each application due to the presence of applicant tracking software. Different companies and industries had specific requirements and processes, resulting in varying levels of complexity when filling out applications.

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Through his experiment, Sachdev has highlighted the frustration and time-consuming nature of job hunting. He hopes that his findings will raise awareness among employers and encourage them to streamline and simplify their application processes.

As Sachdev continues his career as a software engineer and maintains his blog dedicated to the field, he encourages other job seekers to share their experiences and frustrations to create a dialogue and drive positive change in the job application process.

Overall, Sachdev’s unique approach to job hunting serves as a reminder to job seekers and employers alike about the importance of efficiency and simplicity in the application process. By reducing the frustrations associated with job applications, the industry as a whole can create a more positive and efficient experience for all parties involved.

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