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My MBA Journey: From the NBA to Business Success



Last Updated on October 23, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Former NBA player Baron Davis has recently launched a groundbreaking venture called Business In the Game (BIG). The initiative aims to assist athletes and talented individuals in their journey towards becoming successful entrepreneurs. In an exclusive interview with Insider reporter Yoonji Han, Davis shared his personal experience of transitioning from a professional athlete to an entrepreneur.

Davis credited basketball for playing a significant role in shaping his life, enabling him to move across different parts of the city. Throughout his NBA career, he sought to be a beacon of light, inspiring others to achieve their goals. After retiring from basketball, Davis found himself surrounded by tech-savvy individuals in San Francisco. This inspired him to start sharing his entrepreneurial ideas and the problems he wanted to solve with them.

During his tenure as a player for the Golden State Warriors, Davis founded his first tech company – – which was later acquired by Shutterstock. Davis acknowledged that venture capitalists initially held a negative perception of athletes in the business realm. However, he was determined to showcase the incredible investments and businesses created by athletes.

This determination inevitably led to the creation of BIG, which serves as a platform for athletes, entertainers, investors, and other professionals to invest, communicate, and share ideas. The platform utilizes dinners, events, and content to foster collaboration and provide resources to help athletes and talented individuals become successful entrepreneurs.

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Davis emphasized the significance of curating trust within the business industry to ensure that athletes and celebrities are not taken advantage of. BIG’s ultimate objective is to connect the right individuals with the right opportunities, providing a conducive ecosystem for everyone involved to achieve success.

The launch of Business In the Game signifies a groundbreaking development for athletes and talented individuals seeking to explore entrepreneurship. With Davis leading the charge, this venture is set to revolutionize the business world, highlighting the immense potential and contributions of athletes in the corporate realm. Through the power of trust, collaboration, and shared ideas, BIG aims to create a win-win situation for all parties involved.

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