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My MBA Journey: Getting to Know the Class of 2023s Best Professors



My MBA Journey: Getting to Know the Class of 2023s Best Professors
My MBA Journey: Getting to Know the Class of 2023s Best Professors

Last Updated on October 6, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Transformative Professors Shaping MBA Careers

Rishabh Kakkar, a Mechanical Engineering major, and Taner Bicer, a biochemist-turned-researcher, had different backgrounds when they arrived at the esteemed W. P. Carey School in 2021. However, their paths converged when they both took a course taught by Dr. John Wisneski during their first quarter at the school. Wisneski’s teachings had a profound impact on their MBA journeys.

Kakkar, a self-described quant, initially approached business studies with skepticism, preferring the objective realm of numbers over subjective case studies. However, under Wisneski’s guidance, Kakkar was encouraged to embrace more abstract variables, such as core values, mission, and purpose. This shift helped Kakkar to broaden his perspective and see beyond the confines of quantitative analysis.

Bicer, on the other hand, lacked a deep understanding of how businesses functioned, having come from a scientific background. However, Wisneski’s teaching style instilled confidence in Bicer and helped him find a path aligned with his interests. Through Wisneski’s guidance, Bicer was able to bridge the gap between science and business, developing a holistic understanding of the intersection between the two fields.

These students’ experiences highlight the transformative power of great professors in shaping MBA careers. Exceptional professors, like Wisneski, expose their students to possibilities they couldn’t have previously imagined. They are known for asking tough questions, encouraging students to confront every premise and consider every option. Additionally, these professors create relevance by referencing real-world news and everyday life, making their subjects more urgent and relatable.

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According to a survey conducted by P&Q, several standout professors have left an indelible mark on the MBA Class of 2023. Jon Kerbs from Boston College, Gishan Dissanaike from Cambridge Judge, Laurence Ales from Yale SOM, Günter Hitsch from the University of Chicago Booth, and Pauline Brown from Columbia Business School were among those mentioned. These professors brought passion, engaging teaching styles, and real-world application to their classes, helping students grasp complex concepts, think critically, and prepare for their future careers.

It goes beyond the classroom for these exceptional professors, as they also act as mentors and advisors to their students. With their wealth of knowledge and ability to create a welcoming, inclusive, safe, valued, and understood environment, these professors have made the business school experience memorable for their students. Ultimately, they have played a pivotal role in shaping the futures of those under their guidance.

In conclusion, the stories of Rishabh Kakkar and Taner Bicer, as well as the commendable professors mentioned, underscore the influential role that professors play in the MBA journey. Their ability to inspire, challenge, and mentor students transforms their educational experience, preparing them for successful careers in the competitive business world.

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