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My MBA Journey: Harvard Granted Extension to Respond to Plagiarism Scandal



Last Updated on December 30, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Harvard University’s President, Claudine Gay, finds herself at the center of a plagiarism controversy, as Republican Rep. Virginia Foxx demands answers from the prestigious institution. In a letter addressed to Penny Pritzker, senior fellow of the Harvard Corporation, Foxx requests information on the university’s response regarding “credible allegations of plagiarism” against Gay spanning a 24-year period.

The letter, which sets a deadline for a written response by December 29, asks for documents and communications related to the initial allegations as well as the “independent review” of Gay’s scholarship. Additionally, Harvard is expected to provide records of its public statements regarding the controversy and any communications with its regional accreditor regarding academic integrity.

Critics argue that Harvard displays a double standard when it comes to plagiarism, with different consequences for students versus the university president. While experts interviewed by CNN have differing opinions on the appropriate punishment for Gay’s actions, none have suggested that she should be fired. They noted that it is uncommon for academics to be terminated or students to be expelled solely for plagiarism.

In response to the allegations, Harvard has announced that Gay intends to make corrections to her 1997 PhD dissertation to address the instances of inadequate citation. However, this announcement has raised questions about the effectiveness of the university’s academic oversight process, particularly when it involves high-ranking officials.

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Gay’s plagiarism controversy has put Harvard in a difficult position, as it faces mounting pressure to address the issue with transparency and fairness. The extended deadline granted to the university allows sufficient time for thorough examination and appropriate action, as demanded by lawmakers and expected by the public.

As this contentious situation unfolds at Harvard, it raises broader discussions about academic integrity, the repercussions of plagiarism for individuals in positions of authority, and the university’s commitment to upholding its own prestigious reputation.

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