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My MBA Journey: Insights into MIT Sloan MBA Class of 2025 Applications



My MBA Journey: Insights into MIT Sloan MBA Class of 2025 Applications
My MBA Journey: Insights into MIT Sloan MBA Class of 2025 Applications

Last Updated on October 5, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

The pandemic-induced surge in MBA applications has officially come to an end as top business schools are now seeing a return to normal levels of applications. This decline in applications is particularly evident at prestigious institutions such as Stanford, Harvard, Wharton, and Booth. However, there are some schools that have experienced a stabilization or even modest gains in application numbers.

One school that stands out is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Sloan School of Management. While they have also observed a decline in MBA applications, it is more moderate compared to their counterparts. This suggests that class sizes at MIT Sloan are stabilizing. The MBA Class of 2025 at MIT Sloan has managed to retain its diversity, with a noteworthy proportion of women at 46%, which is among the highest of any top U.S. school. Additionally, the class boasts a significant percentage of international students at 40%.

When it comes to academic performance, the MBA Class of 2025 at MIT Sloan showcases impressive statistics. The median GMAT score stands at 729, indicating the high caliber of applicants. Furthermore, the class has a median class grade point average of 3.61, highlighting the academic excellence of the students.

MIT Sloan also reveals some interesting shifts in the industry and undergraduate major composition of their MBA Class of 2025. There has been an increase in students from the tech industry, showcasing the growing importance of this sector. On the other hand, there has been a decrease in students from the financial services and government/nonprofit sectors. The most common undergraduate major among these students remains engineering, followed by economics and business.

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It is worth noting that the MBA application numbers vary across other leading business schools. While some schools are experiencing declines, others are reporting gains. Nonetheless, MIT Sloan’s MBA program continues to prioritize diversity, with a high representation of U.S. minorities at 52% and underrepresented minorities at 28%.

Overall, the MBA landscape is showing signs of stabilization after the pandemic-induced boom in applications. While some schools are witnessing declines, others are managing to maintain or increase their application numbers. This nuanced pattern can be observed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management, where the MBA Class of 2025 retains its diversity, showcases impressive academic stats, and reflects shifts in industry and undergraduate major composition.

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