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My MBA Journey: President of Harvard University, Claudine Gay, Faces Plagiarism Allegations – New Complaint Emerges



Last Updated on December 21, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Harvard President Claudine Gay Faces Fresh Plagiarism Allegations

Harvard President, Claudine Gay, has landed herself in hot water once again as she faces a new complaint consisting of over 40 allegations of plagiarism. The 37-page document, filed by a respected professor from another university, claims that Gay, a notable political scientist, failed to properly attribute quotes or paraphrased passages in her academic works.

Independent verification of the allegations was conducted by the Washington Free Beacon, shedding further light on the gravity of the situation. Shockingly, this is not the first time that plagiarism allegations have surfaced against Gay. Earlier this month, she was accused of lifting material from other scholars in her doctoral thesis and published papers.

In a startling revelation, The Post uncovered that Harvard had covered up an investigation into these previous plagiarism allegations that lasted several weeks. The university’s highest governing body, the Harvard Corporation, conducted an independent review, acknowledging three instances of “inadequate citation” but dismissing any allegations of misconduct.

However, Gay’s troubles do not end there. Despite the controversial findings from Harvard’s review, a bipartisan group of congressmen introduced a resolution calling for Gay’s resignation. The House Committee on Education and the Workforce has also expanded its investigation into antisemitism on campus to encompass the plagiarism allegations.

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These recent developments add to the mounting criticism Gay has received for her handling of antisemitic behavior on campus following the Hamas terror attacks on Israel. Amidst the scandal, Harvard is currently under investigation by the Department of Education over its handling of antisemitism under Title VI.

Despite the onslaught of allegations, Harvard University has yet to issue an official response to the new complaint. However, Gay has managed to maintain unanimous support from the university’s board, highlighting the complexity of the situation.

As the investigation into the plagiarism allegations continues, the public awaits further developments and wonders what the future holds for the embattled Harvard President, Claudine Gay, and the prestigious university she leads.

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