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My MBA Journey: The Beloved Professors of the Class of 2023



My MBA Journey: The Beloved Professors of the Class of 2023
My MBA Journey: The Beloved Professors of the Class of 2023

Last Updated on October 6, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Professors’ Impact on MBA Students’ Transformative Education Explored

MBA students Rishabh Kakkar and Taner Bicer credit their transformative education to the guidance and mentorship of their professor, Dr. John Wisneski, at the W. P. Carey School. These students, among others, recognize the significance of great professors in shaping their professional paths.

Kakkar attributes his expanded perspectives and broader thinking to Wisneski’s influential course, Sources of Competitive Advantage. The class pushed him to look beyond conventional numbers and consider abstract variables, thereby enhancing his decision-making abilities in the business world. This exposure to new possibilities and critical thinking is a testament to the impact professors can have on their students.

Similarly, Bicer found confidence and a clearer understanding of how businesses work through Wisneski’s teaching methods. The professor’s ability to simplify complex concepts and make subjects more relevant and urgent greatly contributed to Bicer’s success during his MBA journey.

The significance of professors in MBA education is further emphasized by the recognition of exceptional faculty members. According to P&Q’s Best & Brightest MBAs and MBAs to Watch, notable professors such as Jon Kerbs from Boston College, Gishan Dissanaike from Cambridge Judge, and Laurence Ales from Yale SOM have made exceptional impacts on their students’ business school experiences. These professors are praised for their engaging teaching styles, dedication to student success, and ability to simplify intricate concepts.

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Moreover, the relationships between professors and students extend beyond the classroom. Many professors, like Wisneski, provide mentorship and guidance in students’ career decision-making processes. This personalized attention and support from professors play a crucial role in shaping students’ paths and making them grateful for choosing their respective business schools.

The experiences of Rishabh Kakkar and Taner Bicer highlight the transformative power of professors in MBA education. Professors not only provide vital knowledge but also inspire students to think critically, expand their perspectives, and make subjects more relevant. They become mentors who guide students in their professional journeys, making a significant impact on their career paths and overall satisfaction with their business school experience.

In conclusion, the profound impact that professors like Dr. John Wisneski have on MBA students’ education cannot be understated. Their ability to push boundaries, simplify complex concepts, and offer mentorship goes beyond the classroom, shaping students’ lives and making them grateful for choosing their respective business schools.

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