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My Online MBA Journey: The financial Times



Last Updated on March 25, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

In recent years, the landscape of business education, including online MBAs, has seen significant evolution. Online MBAs are gaining popularity due to their flexibility, lower cost, and better work-life balance compared to traditional MBA programs.

According to the latest Financial Times ranking for online MBAs, IE Business School in Spain has secured the top position for the second consecutive year. Factors that contributed to this success include the diversity of students, program delivery, and the school’s focus on teaching ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles.

Imperial College Business School in the UK claimed the second spot in the ranking, with alumni earning the highest average salary. The University of Southern California: Marshall School ranked fourth, with alumni also reporting high average salaries.

Birmingham Business School also made it to the top ten, ranking ninth and excelling in value for money, international mobility, and career services. Participation in the Financial Times ranking is voluntary and relies on data provided by business schools and alumni.

The report also highlighted that students who completed their online MBA program within two years generally had a better overall experience. Alumni who took longer to finish their course tended to rate the program lower in important areas.

Interestingly, online MBA alumni in North America reported paying the highest course costs but also received the highest salaries three years after completion. However, the report noted that almost 80% of alumni believe that their schools perform well in teaching general management, but feel that areas such as fintech, IT, and law could be improved in online MBA programs.

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Overall, the latest rankings shed light on the evolving landscape of online MBAs and emphasize the importance of factors such as program delivery, diversity, and career outcomes in choosing the right business school for pursuing an MBA.

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