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Navigating MBA Careers Amidst Abortion Bans and Anti-LGBTQ Legislation



Last Updated on October 22, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Business Travel Faces New Threats Amid Abortion Restrictions and LGBTQ Laws

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Business travel is rebounding to pre-pandemic levels, but a fresh wave of concerns is emerging, threatening employee safety. Widespread implementation of restrictive abortion laws in many states and the consideration of over 180 bills limiting LGBTQ rights have sparked debates in statehouses nationwide. As a result, companies and event organizers are contemplating boycotts, reminiscent of the controversial North Carolina legislation in 2016.

Despite mounting pressure, conservative messaging has made several companies hesitant to publicly endorse progressive causes, prompting them to adapt a more subdued approach to mitigate risks. Meanwhile, civil rights groups have raised alarm bells over the potential dangers associated with these laws. However, travel industry groups and local advocates argue that boycotts harm hospitality workers and minority business owners, further intensifying the debate.

A recent survey by SAP Concur revealed that LGBTQ+ business travelers have begun to feel unsafe and change accommodations due to these concerns. Consequently, companies are revisiting their policies to prioritize employee safety during travel. Some of these companies are even maintaining lists of potentially problematic destinations and adopting no-retaliation policies, empowering employees to voice concerns or refuse travel.

To navigate the legal and political minefield, the construction bidding platform PlanHub is actively assessing potential risks associated with different regions. By providing their employees with guidelines, PlanHub aims to help them traverse unfamiliar territory securely. These efforts reflect a broader focus on mental and physical health and safety in the post-pandemic era.

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The shift in approach, however, remains largely unnoticed, as many companies opt against publicizing their measures. In this ongoing battle over legislation and LGBTQ rights, some areas, like Greater Fort Lauderdale and Broward County, are already experiencing a pullback in bookings due to new laws. The consequences have resulted in significant revenue losses, underlining the undeniable impact on the economy and local businesses.

While some skeptics dismiss concerns over lost business travel, the ramifications are impossible to overlook. As companies grapple with the differing and often conflicting legal landscapes of various states, they must strike a delicate balance between ensuring employee safety and supporting progressive causes.

In conclusion, business travel’s resurgence faces new threats with the implementation of restrictive abortion laws and the consideration of bills targeting LGBTQ rights. Despite some companies taking proactive measures to address employee safety, the broader adoption of such actions remains limited. As debates continue, regions with such legislation are experiencing negative economic effects, highlighting the far-reaching consequences on local businesses and the economy.

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