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New 2023 Businessweek MBA Ranking Reveals Harvard & Wharton Decline – My MBA Career



Last Updated on September 15, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Stanford Graduate School of Business has once again emerged as the leader in the 2023 Bloomberg Businessweek MBA ranking, securing the top spot for the fifth consecutive year. The prestigious institution has proven its dominance in producing exceptional business leaders. However, this year’s ranking has also brought some unexpected surprises.

Harvard Business School, known for its remarkable academic excellence, experienced a setback, falling to sixth place. This marks their lowest ranking since 2014, a significant blow to their reputation. Similarly, the renowned Wharton School slid to eighth place, its worst ranking since 2021. These shifts in placement raise questions about the strategies and practices of these esteemed institutions.

The top five in the ranking were Stanford, Chicago Booth in second place, with Dartmouth Tuck and UVA Darden tied in third place. Columbia Business School secured the fifth spot, showcasing their commitment to providing exceptional business education.

It is worth mentioning that Yale School of Management, whose deputy dean previously criticized the credibility of Bloomberg’s rankings, experienced a significant drop of five places to 15th. This turn of events raises speculation about the influence of such criticism on the rankings.

On a positive note, UVA Darden and Rice University’s Jones Graduate School of Business made remarkable strides, tying for third place. This improvement is a testament to the dedication and commitment of these institutions in offering top-tier education for aspiring business professionals.

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Among European schools, SDA Bocconi claimed the top spot, followed by IESE Business School, IMD, INSEAD, London Business School, and IE Business School. This demonstrates the global competitiveness and reputation of European business schools.

The Bloomberg Businessweek MBA ranking assessed 110 full-time MBA programs worldwide. It took into account data provided by participating schools as well as survey responses from students, alumni, and employers. Factors such as compensation, learning opportunities, networking opportunities, entrepreneurship programs, and diversity were extensively considered in the ranking process.

Stanford, although securing the top spot overall, ranked sixth in terms of compensation. The leading position in that category was claimed by Dartmouth Tuck, showcasing their commitment to ensuring their graduates receive appropriate financial rewards for their achievements.

The ranking encompassed 75 U.S. programs, 20 European programs, seven in the Asia Pacific region, and five in Canada. This comprehensive analysis reflects the global nature of business education and the diverse opportunities available to aspiring business professionals.

In conclusion, the 2023 Bloomberg Businessweek MBA ranking has brought both expected and unexpected changes. Stanford Graduate School of Business continues to reign supreme, whilst Harvard Business School and Wharton School face challenges. Meanwhile, other institutions, such as UVA Darden and Rice University’s Jones Graduate School of Business, have made considerable strides. This ranking serves as a valuable tool for prospective MBA candidates and emphasizes the importance of factors such as compensation, learning, networking, entrepreneurship, and diversity in selecting the right program for their future career paths.

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