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OHSU and Legacy Health Merger: Creating the Largest Employer in Portland Metro Area



Last Updated on August 18, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: OHSU and Legacy Health to Merge, Creating Portland Metro Area’s Largest Healthcare System

In an effort to enhance patient care, expand access to healthcare services, and foster collaboration, two major healthcare systems in Portland, Oregon, OHSU and Legacy Health, have announced their plans to merge. This strategic move will create the largest employer in the Portland metro area, delivering an extensive network of services and specialties to patients in the region.

OHSU, a renowned academic medical center and research institution, brings expertise in various medical fields and a strong reputation for its commitment to patient care. Legacy Health, a nonprofit healthcare system, operates several hospitals and clinics, providing a diverse range of medical services to the community. Together, these institutions aim to create a more comprehensive healthcare system, ensuring efficient and cost-effective delivery of care.

By joining forces, the merger is anticipated to result in substantial cost savings, increased efficiency, and additional resources for research and education. The combined entity will significantly impact the local economy, becoming the largest employer in the Portland area, with thousands of employees supporting the improved healthcare system.

The merger process will require careful planning, coordination, and regulatory approvals, with expectations of finalizing the consolidation within the next couple of years. Both OHSU and Legacy Health share a strong reputation and are regarded as trusted healthcare providers in the community, making this merger an exciting development for patients and healthcare professionals alike.

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Throughout the merger, the new healthcare system will continue to prioritize patient-centered care, innovation, and community engagement. Leveraging the strengths and expertise of both institutions, the aim is to create an even stronger healthcare system that meets the evolving needs of the Portland community.

With the merger, patients can expect enhanced care coordination and seamless transitions between various medical specialties. The expanded access to healthcare services will provide convenience to patients and integrate both preventive and acute care. Moreover, the merger will foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among medical professionals, leading to improved treatment outcomes and innovative healthcare solutions.

Ultimately, the merger between OHSU and Legacy Health represents an exciting development in the Portland healthcare landscape. Patients can anticipate comprehensive and patient-centered care from a healthcare system that combines the strengths of two trusted institutions. As the merger progresses, the Portland community eagerly looks forward to the positive impact that this collaboration will have on patient outcomes, research advancements, and community well-being.

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