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Orange Unified Commits to Informing Parents About Transgender Student IDs: My MBA Career+



Last Updated on September 8, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Orange Unified School Board Requires Parental Notification for Transgender Students

The Orange Unified school board has recently made waves by becoming the sixth California school system to implement a policy that requires parental notification when a student identifies as transgender. This decision comes in the wake of a lawsuit filed by state Attorney General Rob Bonta against Chino schools for a similar policy.

Emotions ran high during the board meeting where the resolution was discussed, as both supporters and opponents of the policy shared their passionate testimonies. Ultimately, the resolution was approved by the conservative board majority with a 4-0 vote, following the departure of three board members who were against the measure.

Under this new policy, parental notification is required when a student requests to be identified as a gender different from their biological sex or the gender assigned on their birth certificate. It also covers requests to use preferred names or pronouns, as well as participation in activities or use of facilities that do not align with the student’s birth-certificate gender.

Supporters of the policy argue that it is a moral imperative, emphasizing the importance of parental involvement in such matters. However, opponents are concerned that this policy puts transgender students at risk of harm and violates civil rights and privacy laws.

The controversy surrounding this issue has gained attention in Southern California, with a San Bernardino County Superior Court judge recently blocking the Chino district from implementing its new policy in response to a temporary restraining order requested by the state.

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The Orange Unified school board is not alone in its decision, as other conservative-governed districts in California, including Chino, Murrieta, Temecula, Anderson Union High School District, and the Rocklin school district, have proposed similar policies.

Notably, some changes have been made to the revised policy. Parental notification is not required if the student is 12 years or older, or if their safety would be jeopardized as a result. Instead, it is the responsibility of teachers and counselors to inform the principal of any gender identity-related actions by students, who then have five days to notify parents.

While most speakers at the board meeting expressed support for the resolution, there were opponents who argued for a compassionate and equitable environment for all students.

During the board vote, opposition protesters disrupted the meeting, leading to their removal by the police.

This controversial policy continues to be a topic of debate, with activists across Southern California paying close attention to its implementation and potential implications for transgender students and their families. One parent supporting the resolution shared a personal incident involving her daughter, emphasizing the need for effective communication between schools and parents in these matters.

As the Orange Unified school board joins the ranks of districts implementing parental notification requirements for transgender students, the ramifications and effectiveness of such policies will likely continue to be discussed, analyzed, and debated in the future.

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