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Oxford Saïd MBA Program Achieves Historic 51% Female Enrollment – My MBA Career



Last Updated on October 4, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes


Oxford University’s Saïd Business School Achieves Gender Parity in MBA Class

Oxford University’s Saïd Business School has celebrated a major milestone by enrolling its first MBA class in Europe with more than half women, making it one of the few leading business schools to achieve gender parity. The MBA Class of 2023-2024 at Oxford Saïd is comprised of an impressive 51% women, a significant increase from 48% last year and 44% two years ago. This achievement marks a remarkable transformation for the school, which had only 31% women in its MBA class a decade earlier.

Oxford Saïd is committed to addressing the gender imbalance in business education and hopes to inspire its graduates to become advocates for gender equality throughout their careers. While European and Asian business schools tend to lag in women’s enrollment compared to their US counterparts, most reporting enrollment in the upper 30% range, Oxford Saïd’s achievement stands out as a shining example.

This news comes at a time when some of the top US schools are experiencing declining enrollment rates for women, highlighting the significance of Oxford Saïd’s achievement. While some US schools are struggling, others are holding steady or showing improvement. The success of Oxford Saïd’s efforts indicates that change is possible and serves as an inspiration to other MBA programs and businesses striving for gender parity.

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In its commitment to changing the gender imbalance in senior positions requiring an MBA, Oxford Saïd offers scholarships to support and encourage women applicants. These scholarships not only demonstrate the school’s dedication to increasing female representation in the workplace but also showcase their genuine care for women’s aspirations. By providing financial assistance, Oxford Saïd aims to remove barriers that may hinder talented women from pursuing an MBA.

The MBA students at Oxford Saïd are excited about the opportunities for learning and growth that come with the diverse perspectives and friendships they will gain during their program. The inclusion of more women in their cohort will undoubtedly enrich their experience and cultivate an environment that fosters equality and collaboration.

Oxford Saïd’s achievement in achieving gender parity is a significant step towards a more balanced future in the business world. By setting an example and breaking barriers, Oxford Saïd hopes to inspire other MBA programs and businesses to strive for gender parity. With continued efforts and initiatives, the vision of a more inclusive and diverse MBA community can become a reality, fostering a new generation of leaders committed to equality and progress.

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