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Portland Businesses Urge City Leaders for Urgent Action: Lets Act Without Delay – My MBA Career



Last Updated on October 22, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Downtown Portland Businesses Express Concerns and Offer Solutions in Letter to Elected Officials

A group of downtown Portland businesses have come together to voice their concerns about the current state of the city, highlighting the negative impact it is having on their establishments. In a letter addressed to elected officials, 25 businesses, including well-known establishments such as Ace Hotel, Central Office, Crafty Wonderland, Courier Coffee, Mimi’s Fresh Tees, and Multnomah Whiskey Library, outlined their specific worries.

One major concern raised by the businesses is the significant increase in crime. They note that this poses a threat to both the safety of their customers and the overall atmosphere of downtown. Additionally, the decline in foot traffic has been affecting their revenue. With fewer people visiting the area, businesses struggle to attract customers and sustain their operations. Moreover, the decline in cleanliness has been impacting the overall appearance of the downtown district, further dissuading potential visitors.

To tackle these issues, the businesses offer specific solutions they believe will help alleviate their concerns. One suggestion is increased financial support from the government. By receiving additional funding, businesses would be better equipped to cope with the challenges they currently face. Another proposal is the establishment of business-enhancing incubators, which would provide valuable resources and mentorship to aid struggling businesses. Furthermore, the businesses call for more incentives for parking to encourage visitors to downtown Portland.

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In response to the letter, the Portland Bureau of Transportation has already taken action by agreeing to provide heightened security at city parking garages. This move aims to address the concerns regarding safety issues. However, the businesses highlight the need for a multifaceted approach to achieve lasting improvements. They emphasize that solutions should not end with increased security alone but should extend to other aspects of their operations and environment.

The proposed solutions range from direct financial support for existing businesses to the establishment of business incubators. Additionally, marketing and promotion campaigns, facade improvement programs, support for local entrepreneurs, assistance with establishing an online presence, and the promotion of arts and culture in downtown are suggested as ways to revitalize the area. Furthermore, the businesses stress the importance of collaboration between local governments, business associations, and community members.

The letter concludes with a call to implement a combination of these solutions to repair and revitalize downtown businesses. Businesses hope that with the support of elected officials and the community, downtown Portland can once again thrive as a bustling urban center. By addressing the concerns raised and implementing the proposed solutions, the businesses believe they can bring about positive change and build a brighter future for downtown Portland.

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