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Portland Teachers Approve Contract with Nearly 95% Support as School Board Passes Unanimously



Last Updated on November 29, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Portland Teachers Ratify New Contract after Lengthy Strike, Students Express Frustration over Calendar Changes

Teachers in Portland, Oregon, have finally reached an agreement and ratified a new contract after a grueling strike that lasted over three weeks, resulting in the cancellation of 11 school days. The Portland Association of Teachers voted overwhelmingly to approve the contract, with an impressive 93% of members casting their vote, and an impressive 94.7% voting in favor of ratifying it.

The three-year, $175 million contract is a significant victory for teachers, as it includes cost-of-living increases, the establishment of new committees to monitor and manage class sizes, and increased planning time for educators. The contract received unanimous approval from the Portland school board, further solidifying its significance and importance.

While teachers celebrate the successful contract negotiation, students are expressing frustration with the proposed calendar changes aimed at making up the missed instructional days. In particular, many students voiced their discontent regarding the decision to cut their winter break in half. This abrupt alteration to their holiday plans has left many feeling disappointed and concerned.

To address this issue, a prominent student leader shared the results of a survey that explored alternative approaches to make up for lost instructional time. The survey suggested options such as extending the school day or utilizing a few days from the winter break instead of reducing the entire week. These alternatives aimed to minimize disruption without compromising the quality of education.

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In response, the chief human resources officer for Portland Public Schools explained to the board that the decision to adjust the calendar presented a challenging situation, with no ideal options available. The chosen plan was deemed the least disruptive under the circumstances. Nonetheless, the board acknowledged the student concerns, expressing a desire to reopen discussions with the teachers union to explore alternative make-up options.

Ultimately, the contract and the new calendar were approved by the board, marking an important milestone for both teachers and students in Portland. As the strike officially comes to an end, it is hoped that the new agreement will pave the way for enhanced working conditions and educational opportunities for teachers and students alike. The discussions around alternative make-up options demonstrate the commitment of both the board and the union to address the concerns of the student body and find solutions that prioritize their academic experience.

In conclusion, the recently ratified contract brings a sense of relief and achievement to the teachers of Portland, Oregon. While the strike caused disruption, it also served as a catalyst for important conversations surrounding class sizes, planning time, and compensation. As Portland schools move forward, it is crucial to maintain open dialogue and collaboration between all stakeholders to ensure the best possible education for the students attending these institutions.

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