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Principal and Teacher on Leave After Black Students Are Singled Out at an Assembly – News Update



Last Updated on August 25, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Headline: Principal and Teacher Placed on Leave After Controversial Assembly for Black Students at Bunnell Elementary School

In a surprising turn of events, a principal and teacher at Bunnell Elementary School in Florida have been put on administrative leave following an assembly exclusively held for fourth and fifth-grade Black students. The assembly, which aimed to improve the academic performance of these students, has sparked controversy and led to an ongoing investigation.

During the assembly, a PowerPoint presentation was used to highlight the underperformance of African American students on standardized assessments. The data showcased in the presentation was intended to inform students about their performance, but it drew criticism for potentially perpetuating negative stereotypes.

Confirming the origin of the presentation, a Flagler County Schools spokesperson stated that it was created by one of the presenters and included factual data. However, the school’s interim superintendent, Lashakia Moore, has issued an apology, acknowledging that the assembly should never have taken place. Moore has personally reached out to the affected families and witnessed their desire to address the issue collaboratively.

Traditionally, discussions regarding student performance were held on an individual basis or during parent-teacher conferences. Moore emphasizes the need for students to be aware of their performance and for appropriate interventions to be implemented to ensure their success. In light of this incident, the superintendent plans to work towards fostering active parental engagement and acknowledges that proper communication regarding the assembly and plans to raise scores was lacking.

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Principal Donelle Evensen, responsible for overseeing the assembly, is yet to comment on the matter. CNN has reached out to Evensen to obtain their perspective on the incident and the intentions behind the assembly. While Moore acknowledges that no malice was intended, she firmly states that the assembly did not meet the expectations of Flagler Schools.

As the investigation unfolds, it remains to be seen what actions will be taken to address the controversy and ensure that such incidents are avoided in the future. The incident has raised important questions surrounding inclusivity, appropriate communication, and the overall academic support provided to students at Bunnell Elementary School.

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