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Rare Check Signed by Steve Jobs in 1976 is Now Up for Auction



Last Updated on December 6, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Historic Apple Check Signed by Steve Jobs set to Fetch High Bids at Auction

A rare artifact from the early days of Apple Inc. is causing waves in the tech and collector communities as a check signed by the late co-founder, Steve Jobs, is up for auction. Heading into its final day, the bid for the check has already surged past $30,000, emphasizing its remarkable historical significance.

The check, issued to Radio Shack in 1976, is drawn on an Apple Computer Company account, thereby holding immense value for enthusiasts and collectors alike. It explicitly lists Apple’s inaugural official address, providing a cherished glimpse into the company’s foundation years.

Experts in Jobs and Apple memorabilia, RR Auction, have hailed Radio Shack as an “unsung hero” of the personal computing revolution. This recognition highlights Radio Shack’s pivotal role as a retailer contributing to the nascent success of Apple during its early stages.

One of the standout features of the check is Steve Jobs’ signature, which showcases his distinct lowercase “s” and “j” style. This unique characteristic further enhances the collectability and exclusivity of the artifact. Apple enthusiasts, investors, and tech history aficionados are eagerly vying for the opportunity to own this piece of iconic history.

Interestingly, this is not the first time a check signed by Jobs has caused a bidding frenzy. In August, an Apple Computer check featuring signatures from both Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak was sold for a staggering $135,261, further attesting to the desirability and immense fiscal worth of extraordinary Apple artifacts.

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The increasing demand for rare Apple collectibles reflects the enduring fascination with the company’s talented co-founder and its transformative impact on the technology industry. As the mystique and legend surrounding Steve Jobs continue to captivate the public, items associated with the visionary entrepreneur are consistently fetching record-breaking prices at auctions.

With less than a day remaining in the auction, collectors and tech enthusiasts will eagerly watch as the bidding for this extraordinary piece of history continues to escalate. As the bidding war intensifies, it is clear that the allure of owning an authentic artifact from Apple’s early days remains an enticing prospect for many.

The auction for the iconic check signed by Steve Jobs serves as a reminder of the revolutionary beginnings of Apple Inc. and its extraordinary trajectory. It also underscores the lasting legacy of both Jobs and the company he co-founded, which continues to inspire countless future generations in the world of technology and beyond.

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