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Realizing the Value of an Office Job: My MBA Career Perspective



Last Updated on May 16, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

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One individual who knows a thing or two about navigating the corporate world is 29-year-old Justin Jordan. As a social video creator at Homage, Justin has worked in a variety of noncorporate and corporate jobs, giving him a unique perspective on the different treatment and respect that employees can experience in various work environments.

Justin shared that his experience at a shipping company was filled with challenges that left him feeling expendable and lacking respect. However, his transition back to a corporate job at Homage provided him with greater respect, benefits, and a living wage. Justin emphasized the importance of companies treating their workers with respect, providing fair wages, and valuing their employees.

In comparing noncorporate and corporate jobs, Justin noted the differences in how employees are treated, with office jobs typically offering more respect and less physical strain. He also highlighted the camaraderie found in service jobs and the challenges that come with different types of work environments.

As Justin encourages others to share their career pivot stories, it’s clear that finding the right work environment can make all the difference in one’s career trajectory. To share your own story or learn more about Justin’s journey, contact Business Insider today. Stay informed and inspired by downloading the My MBA Career app for daily updates on all things business.

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