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Last Updated on March 12, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

The University of Texas at Austin Reinstates Standardized Testing Requirement for Admissions

In a recent announcement, the University of Texas at Austin revealed that it will once again require standardized test scores for admissions. This decision follows a trend among selective universities, including Brown, Yale, Dartmouth, M.I.T., Georgetown, and Purdue, who have also reinstated the requirement for SAT or ACT scores that was lifted during the pandemic.

According to U.T. Austin, the decision to reintroduce standardized testing requirements was made in order to accurately place students in programs and provide necessary extra help. U.T. President Jay Hartzell noted that an analysis of students who did not submit test scores showed that they were not faring as well as those who did.

Starting August 1, applicants for fall 2025 admissions will be required to submit either SAT or ACT scores. This change is expected to impact prospective students who were planning to apply to U.T. Austin without standardized test scores.

The move by U.T. Austin highlights the ongoing debate surrounding the use of standardized testing in college admissions. While some argue that standardized tests are biased and do not accurately reflect a student’s abilities, others believe that they are a valuable tool for evaluating academic potential.

As universities continue to navigate the challenges brought on by the pandemic, decisions like the one made by U.T. Austin will likely continue to shape the landscape of college admissions for years to come. Applicants are advised to stay informed about any changes to admissions requirements at their desired universities.

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