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Revival of Feminist Site Jezebel – My MBA Career



Last Updated on November 30, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Feminist News Site Jezebel Finds New Home with Paste Media

Jezebel, a prominent feminist news site, has recently been sold to Paste Media and is expected to make a comeback in the near future. The website, which was originally a part of the Gawker empire, has changed ownership multiple times over the years.

The previous owner, G/O Media, cited “economic headwinds” as the reason behind the closure of Jezebel. However, the CEO of G/O Media expressed optimism about finding a suitable buyer to ensure the site’s continuity and is pleased with the recent sale.

The closure of Jezebel after 16 years sparked an outpouring of tributes and mourning. Known for its sharp and personal tone, the site had established itself as a vital platform for feminist discourse and activism.

The terms of the all-cash deal for Jezebel have not been disclosed, indicating the privacy of the financial arrangements between Paste Media and G/O Media. However, Paste Media has revealed plans to hire an editor-in-chief and staff to commence publishing new stories on Jezebel soon.

In addition to Jezebel, Paste Media has also acquired Splinter, a political news site that was previously shut down by G/O Media. This acquisition further strengthens Paste Media’s foothold in the online media industry.

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The rise of tech giants like Amazon and Google, with their dominance in online advertising, has adversely affected many media businesses. The evolving landscape of digital advertising has posed challenges to various outlets, including Jezebel. However, Paste Media, with its successful two-decade operation, has proven to be adaptable to these changes.

As Paste Media prepares to relaunch Jezebel, their acquisition of the site and Splinter reinforces their commitment to providing distinctive content in today’s tumultuous media landscape. With new leadership and an experienced team, Jezebel is expected to continue its legacy of addressing feminist issues and amplifying women’s voices.

Overall, the sale of Jezebel to Paste Media brings hope and excitement to readers and supporters who mourned its demise. The relaunch of the site promises to be a new chapter for Jezebel, revitalizing its role in the online feminist community while adapting to the evolving digital ecosystem.

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