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Last Updated on August 5, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

West Michigan Schools to Start the New Academic Year in August
As summer slowly comes to an end, schools in West Michigan are preparing to welcome students back to the classrooms. This year, all local districts have elected to start the school year earlier than Labor Day for the third consecutive year, thanks to a state law that allows districts to receive waivers for an early start.

The kickoff to the academic year will begin with Fennville Public Schools, which will open its doors on Monday, August 21. The following day, Holland Christian and Zeeland Christian will join in. Other schools, including Holland Public Schools, Hamilton Community Schools, Black River Public School, and Vanderbilt Charter Academy, will start on Wednesday, August 23.

Eagle Crest Charter Academy will commence classes on Monday, August 28, while Zeeland Public Schools, Saugatuck Public Schools, and Calvary Schools of Holland will begin on Tuesday, August 29. West Ottawa Public Schools will be the last to start on Wednesday, August 30.

However, two schools, Innocademy and iCademy Global, have already started their academic year on August 2. The early start to their school year allows these institutions to provide a balanced and comprehensive education.

Before the official start of the school year, various schools in the district will be holding open houses and orientations to help students become familiar with their new classrooms and teachers.

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As for the end of the academic year, most schools in the area will be finishing in early to mid-June. Holland Public Schools will have the earliest release date on Tuesday, June 4, followed by Holland Christian and Zeeland Christian on June 5. Fennville and Vanderbilt Charter will finish on June 6.

The last day for most districts, including West Ottawa, Zeeland, Saugatuck, Hamilton, Black River, Eagle Crest, and Calvary, will be on Friday, June 7. This will mark the end of another successful year of education, growth, and achievement for both students and teachers.

With the upcoming academic year shaping up to be an exciting one, the West Michigan school districts are dedicated to providing a quality education and fostering a love for learning amongst their students.

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