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Shooter in Maine believed local businesses spreading pedophile rumors about him, claim documents



Shooter in Maine believed local businesses spreading pedophile rumors about him, claim documents
Shooter in Maine believed local businesses spreading pedophile rumors about him, claim documents

Last Updated on November 2, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Tragic Mass Shooting in Lewiston Reveals Possible Motive as Maine Law Enforcement Uncovers Startling Details

In a devastating turn of events, Maine law enforcement officers have recently released documents shedding light on the possible motive behind the mass shooting that occurred last week in Lewiston. The shooting, which took place at a bowling alley and a bar, claimed the lives of 18 individuals while leaving 13 others injured.

Witnesses, including the shooter’s own brother and son, have come forward, sharing chilling accounts that provide insight into the mind of the gunman, Robert Card. According to their testimonies, Card harbored a deep-seated belief that he was being labeled a “pedophile” by people frequenting these establishments.

What makes this revelation even more concerning is that Card had previously accused fellow Army Reserves members of the same accusation, resulting in a mental health evaluation. It appears that these accusations weighed heavily on his deteriorating mental state.

One witness recounted an encounter where Card adamantly claimed that local businesses, including the very bowling alley and bar involved in the tragic incident, were actively spreading vile rumors about him online. Joey Walker, the bar’s manager, was specifically mentioned by Card as one of the individuals responsible for disparaging him.

The allegations didn’t stop there; Card’s girlfriend had two young daughters, and he began to feel as though strangers were scrutinizing his every move when he was out with them. These feelings ultimately led to the shocking accusations that plagued him.

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It is becoming increasingly apparent that Card’s mental health had been on a rapid decline since a breakup in February. His brother reveals that Card’s behavior had become increasingly erratic and out of character during this time. Additionally, he had been hospitalized for mental health issues, discontinued his prescribed medication, and experienced significant weight loss.

Alarmed by his behavior, the Army had deemed Card unfit to possess a weapon while on duty and declared him non-deployable. His unit had expressed concerns regarding his overall well-being and potential for violence, yet the severity of the situation remained undetected.

In an attempt to prevent any further tragedy, law enforcement officials conducted a wellness check at Card’s residence, but he could not be located. Unfortunately, the manhunt ended tragically with Card being discovered dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound near his former workplace on October 27.

This heart-wrenching incident has deeply affected the local community, leaving them reeling from the shockwaves of one man’s descent into darkness. As the investigation continues, authorities are working tirelessly to understand the events leading up to this tragic event and determine how they can prevent a similar occurrence in the future.

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