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Snowstorm Prompts Remote Learning for NYC Public Schools on Tuesday



Last Updated on February 13, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

New York City Public Schools to Shift to Remote Learning Due to Anticipated Snowstorm

New York City public schools are preparing for a massive snowstorm set to hit the area, causing a shift to remote learning on Tuesday. With the storm expected to dump up to 8 inches or more of snow, city officials are taking precautions to ensure the safety of students and staff.

In order to maintain continuity of education, students will participate in synchronous learning, meaning they will have online sessions at the same time as they would have in school. This move comes as the education department has already distributed laptops and prepared schools for remote learning during the ongoing pandemic.

However, the transition to remote learning does come with potential challenges. Power outages may occur due to fallen trees and branches on power lines, causing disruptions to online learning. Despite these concerns, Mayor Eric Adams defended the decision, highlighting the learning losses that students have experienced during the pandemic and the need to catch up.

While New York City’s public schools are making the shift to remote learning, Catholic elementary schools will have a traditional snow day with no classes. High schools, however, will make their own decisions regarding closures.

The decision to call a snow day has been a political issue in the past, with controversies over school closures. As parents express concerns and anxieties about remote learning, citing challenges faced during the pandemic, Mayor Adams encouraged perseverance and overcoming challenges. Help will be available for parents navigating the technology needed for remote learning.

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Remote learning has also shed light on the inequities in access to technology and support for students with disabilities or non-English-speaking parents. This issue has been a longstanding concern, and the current situation further emphasizes the need for addressing these disparities.

As the forecast for the snowstorm remains fluid, with precipitation expected to begin Monday night, the city has issued a travel advisory and activated its winter weather emergency plan. Alternate side parking is suspended, but parking meters will remain in effect.

While families should prepare for a normal school day on Wednesday, according to the schools chancellor, it is essential to stay updated on the latest weather conditions and announcements from the education department.

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