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Spotlight on Social Enterprise in My MBA Career



Last Updated on February 29, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

The HBS African American Student Union (AASU) is making waves in creating a strong community for its members, from pre-MBA to post-graduation. Two standout members, Sandra Tsikor and Kirt Matthews, share their experiences as AASU members and their goals for the future.

Sandra Tsikor, hailing from Ghana, brings a wealth of experience in consulting and strategy consulting for nonprofits to her time at HBS. She emphasizes the diverse learning opportunities at the school, from learning from classmates and industry leaders to organizing panels at events like the Africa Business Conference. Sandra’s post-HBS goals include working in a fintech company focused on financial inclusion and becoming an expert in the field.

Kirt Matthews, originally from Indiana, has a background as a Strategy Consultant at Accenture and interned in investment banking at Goldman Sachs. His highlight at HBS has been the connections he’s made with his section and the support and friendship he’s found there. Kirt also serves as a Section Senator, working towards a more inclusive community. His post-HBS goals revolve around pursuing a career in social impact investing to address the racial wealth gap for Black Americans, with a focus on investing in affordable housing and education to accelerate economic mobility.

Both Sandra and Kirt’s stories highlight the impact that AASU has had on their MBA experience and their aspirations for the future. The community and support they’ve found within the organization have been instrumental in shaping their goals and guiding their paths post-graduation. As AASU continues to thrive at HBS, it will undoubtedly produce more success stories like Sandra and Kirt, who are driven to make a difference in their respective fields and communities.

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