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Struggling Notre Dame College students face closure news



Last Updated on March 2, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

Devetress Green, a freshman at Notre Dame College, came all the way from Georgia with dreams of studying biology and running track at the school. However, those dreams were shattered when the news of the school’s closure hit her.

Green, like many other students, was shocked and saddened by the sudden decision. As a biology major, she now finds herself in a difficult position of having to start over and possibly go back home. The connections and friendships she made at the college are now at risk of fading away.

The impact of Notre Dame College’s closure is being felt by many students, who are now facing uncertain futures. The sudden disruption to their education and future plans has left them feeling lost and anxious.

Green’s story is just one of many of students who are now left in limbo due to the school’s closure. As they try to navigate this unexpected turn of events, they are left wondering what the future holds for their careers and education.

For Green and others like her, the closure of Notre Dame College has not only disrupted their academic pursuits but has also taken away the sense of belonging and community that they had found at the school. As they come to terms with this sudden change, they are left looking for answers and searching for a way forward in their MBA careers.

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