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Study reveals surprising COVID outbreak patterns on campuses



Last Updated on March 5, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

A recent study conducted by Sophia Zacher ’21, Lewis Davis, and Stephen Schmidt has shed light on the surprising correlation between COVID infection rates and the socioeconomic status of college communities in the United States.

The study, which analyzed data from 1,069 U.S. schools during the 2020-21 academic year, found that contrary to popular belief, COVID infection rates were actually higher in wealthier schools. Colleges and universities with higher endowments per student and higher tuition rates were also shown to have greater infection rates. Additionally, more selective schools were found to have higher rates of illness.

These unexpected findings challenge the assumption that COVID infection rates are higher in poorer communities. The researchers believe that further research is needed to better understand the impact of socioeconomic factors on virus transmission in college communities.

The study’s results have significant implications for the management of COVID outbreaks on college campuses. It is clear that measures to control the spread of the virus must take into account the unique dynamics of each institution, including their level of wealth and selectivity.

As colleges continue to navigate the challenges of the ongoing pandemic, this study serves as a valuable reminder of the importance of considering socioeconomic factors in the fight against COVID-19. Further research in this area is crucial to developing effective strategies to protect students, faculty, and staff in college communities across the country.

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