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Texas schools hair length policies do not violate CROWN Act after Black students suspension – My MBA Career



Last Updated on February 23, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

In a recent court ruling that has sparked controversy and disappointment among natural hair advocates, a Texas high school was cleared of violating the state’s CROWN Act by punishing a Black teen over the length of his dreadlocks.

Supporters and advocates gathered in the courthouse, hoping for a different outcome as the judge declared that the school district’s policy does not specifically prohibit male students from wearing braids, locs, or twists. Despite this clarification, the family’s spokesperson expressed disappointment with the ruling and vowed to continue fighting against what they see as discrimination.

The student has been in in-school suspension or at an off-site disciplinary program since August for violating the district dress code on hair length. The case centered around whether the district’s regulations on hair length violated the CROWN Act, with the judge ultimately ruling that they did not.

The district’s representative welcomed the court’s clarification on the law, arguing that the policy is consistent with the CROWN Act. However, the family’s attorney contended that the policy prevents students from wearing protective styles that require length, thus violating the law.

State Rep. Ron Reynolds, who helped write Texas’ CROWN Act, stated that the law does include provisions on hair length and legislators may pursue further legislation to prevent discrimination in schools. The family plans to appeal the decision, adding to the two pending lawsuits against the district over hair policies.

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This latest development highlights the ongoing debate surrounding natural hair discrimination in schools and the need for clearer guidelines to protect students’ rights to wear their hair as they choose.

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