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Texas students with non-citizen parents can apply for college financial aid using FAFSA workaround



Last Updated on February 26, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

Texas students with immigrant or non-citizen parents are currently facing a glitch in the FAFSA application process, causing concern as the March 15 priority deadline for financial aid approaches. The Department of Education has stepped in to provide a temporary workaround for impacted students, allowing them to submit incomplete FAFSAs and receive email confirmation to share with colleges and universities to meet deadlines.

The glitch is particularly affecting students in Texas, where one in four children has at least one non-citizen parent without a social security number. FAFSA is a crucial step for Texas college students to access grants and scholarships, making it essential to resolve the issue promptly.

The Department of Education anticipates fixing the glitch by the first half of March, but students will still need their parents to add signatures later in the process. This workaround is the first public acknowledgment of the glitch’s impact on immigrant households, although some immigration advocates find it confusing and burdensome.

In the meantime, Texas college counselors are taking a case-by-case approach to determine whether students should wait for the glitch to be resolved or use the Department of Education’s temporary workaround. With the priority deadline looming, students and counselors alike are navigating the situation to ensure that students have access to the financial aid they need for their education.

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As the Department of Education works to address this issue, it serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by students with immigrant or non-citizen parents in accessing higher education opportunities. Stay tuned for updates on the resolution of the FAFSA glitch impacting Texas students on My MBA Career.

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