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The Challenge of Tech Job Interviews



Last Updated on March 5, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

Tech workers in the US are currently facing a challenging job market as they navigate through extensive test assignments and interviews that some have described as outrageous challenges. This trend is reflective of a cultural shift in the tech industry, which is currently undergoing a maturation process and overcorrecting for the hiring spree that occurred during the pandemic.

According to, over 400,000 tech jobs have been shed since the beginning of 2022, with major companies such as Amazon, Cisco, and Bumble announcing significant job cuts. Despite the overall strength of the US job market, the tech sector is experiencing tight employment conditions, with CompTIA calculating the jobless rate at 2.3%.

Furthermore, some tech companies, including Meta, are resorting to aggressive salary negotiation tactics during the hiring process, further adding to the challenges faced by job seekers. Many tech workers have expressed frustration and concern over the hiring process, describing it as absurd and lacking in basic respect and courtesy.

Job seekers are finding themselves in a competitive and arduous recruitment process, with companies becoming increasingly diligent about their hiring decisions. This has led to stiff competition and potential instances of rudeness from employers, deterring strong candidates and injecting biases into the hiring process.

As the tech industry continues to navigate these challenges, it is crucial for both employers and job seekers to approach the hiring process with transparency, respect, and fairness. The current hiring landscape may be tough, but with a mindful approach, both employers and tech workers can navigate these challenges and find the right fit for their careers.

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