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The Impact of Hollywoods Strike: Examining the Ripple Effects on My MBA Career



Last Updated on July 31, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Hollywood Strikes Take Toll on Businesses in Burbank, California

Subtitle: Local establishments witness significant decline in business due to ongoing entertainment industry strikes.

Burbank, California – Businesses in Burbank, the heart of America’s entertainment industry, are deeply affected by the ongoing strikes that have swept through Hollywood. What initially began with writers in May has now expanded to encompass actors, resulting in a significant economic downturn for the city.

Milt & Edie’s dry cleaners, a popular establishment known for their exceptional service, has seen a striking 20% drop in business. The strike has forced studios to halt sending clothes for alterations and last-minute cleanings, directly impacting Milt & Edie’s daily operations. Even loyal customers have been affected by the strike, as they find themselves unable to get their clothes serviced promptly. Sadly, the company is unable to hire additional staff due to the ongoing disruption.

Other businesses in the Burbank area are also grappling with the consequences of this strike, especially those that rely heavily on the entertainment industry. Local restaurants, coffee shops, and salons have experienced a decline in customer traffic, posing significant challenges to their survival. For those directly associated with film and TV production, the impact has been even more immediate, with many struggling to stay afloat during these uncertain times.

The strike comes as a double blow to businesses that were already reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the overall economic damage still difficult to determine, one thing remains certain – the community’s support for the strikers remains strong. Even amid financial hardships, various businesses are actively supporting the striking workers, offering discounts and free items as a gesture of solidarity.

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Unions from various sectors have also joined the cause, recognizing the interconnected fight for fairness against corporate executives. They demonstrate their unwavering support for the striking workers, viewing their struggles as pivotal battles for better conditions and fair wages across multiple industries.

While concerns regarding the long-term impact persist among local businesses, many stand united with the actors and writers in their pursuit of improved working conditions. The strikes have shed light on the need for industry-wide change, prompting resonating calls for fairness and equality among Hollywood’s workforce.

As the ongoing strikes continue to cast a shadow over Burbank’s economy, the city remains hopeful for a swift resolution that will not only benefit the entertainment industry but also provide relief to the many businesses that are feeling the strain.

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