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The Story Behind My MBA Careers Climate Call To Action



Last Updated on March 19, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

Two MBA Candidates Launch Climate Legacy Commitment to Promote Sustainability in Business Education

Two students from Cambridge Judge Business School have recently launched the Climate Legacy Commitment, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at making sustainability a central focus of graduate business education. The pledge, which has already gained support from top business schools such as Oxford Saïd and London Business School, calls for MBA students to prioritize creating sustainable change in various industries.

The commitment, which is supported by seven core truths about climate change, encourages signatories to work towards innovative leadership, protecting vulnerable communities, collaborative action, continuous learning, transparency and accountability, and building a sustainable future for generations to come. In addition to making this pledge, signatories will also gain access to a network of corporate leaders, mentors, and peers in critical sectors.

A highlight of the Climate Legacy Commitment is the upcoming MBA COP summit scheduled for August, which will bring together signatories for a day of industry-leading guest speakers, networking opportunities, and workshops focused on advancing sustainability in the business world. This summit promises to be a key event for MBA students looking to make a positive impact in their future careers.

By launching this call to action for sustainability in business education, these two MBA candidates are demonstrating their commitment to creating a more sustainable future and inspiring their peers to do the same. With the support of top business schools and industry leaders, the Climate Legacy Commitment is poised to make a significant impact on the future of graduate business education.

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