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Title: Study reveals American sentiment on businesses being political



Last Updated on February 29, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

Americans are increasingly calling for businesses to remain politically neutral in both the public sphere and the workplace, according to a recent study conducted by Weber Shandwick. With overwhelming majorities of consumers and employees expecting political neutrality, it seems that businesses must strike a delicate balance in these politically charged times.

The study found that 72% of consumers and 71% of employees believe that businesses should remain politically neutral, with 70% of consumers and 68% of employees also expecting companies to respect and welcome all political affiliations. Additionally, 58% of consumers and 56% of employees stated that companies should avoid the appearance of politics in the workplace.

Interestingly, Americans seem to have more confidence in businesses to address societal issues than the government, with 57% of Democrats and 53% of Republicans expressing confidence in business. One area where both Democrats and Republicans agree that businesses can intervene in politics is in encouraging a free and fair election, with 80% of consumers and 81% of employees supporting this notion.

While actions such as providing paid time off to vote and advocating for specific issues were supported by the majority of consumers and employees, activities like endorsing candidates and lobbying elected officials were met with skepticism. The study suggests that Americans believe businesses can have a positive impact on societal issues, but they overwhelmingly expect political neutrality in the workplace and during contentious election years.

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As businesses navigate these expectations, it is clear that they must carefully consider their role in politics and society. With the majority of Americans calling for neutrality, it appears that businesses must tread lightly in order to maintain the trust and confidence of both consumers and employees.

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