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Last Updated on October 6, 2023 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: “Transformative Professors Inspire MBA Students at the W. P. Carey School”

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Rishabh Kakkar and Taner Bicer, two MBA students at the W. P. Carey School, had distinctly different backgrounds and interests when they enrolled in 2021. Kakkar, a mechanical engineering major, was initially skeptical of subjective case studies and preferred quantitative analysis. On the other hand, Bicer, a biochemist-turned-researcher, lacked a genuine understanding of how businesses functioned.

However, both Kakkar and Bicer experienced a significant transformation after taking a course with Dr. John Wisneski during their first quarter at the school. Dr. Wisneski’s passion and wealth of knowledge had a profound impact on their perspectives.

For Kakkar, previously inclined towards numbers and data, Wisneski’s teachings encouraged him to embrace more abstract concepts such as core values, mission, and purpose. The once skeptical student began to value the importance of incorporating these subjective factors in business analysis.

Similarly, Wisneski’s teaching allowed Bicer, unsure of his place in the business world, to build confidence and discover a career path aligned with his interests. The professor’s guidance helped Bicer realize how his unique background in biochemistry could be utilized in the business realm.

This article underscores the significance of exceptional professors who expose their students to new possibilities and promote critical thinking. In a recent survey conducted by P&Q, MBA students were asked to identify the faculty members who had the most significant impact on their business school experience. Testimonials from several students highlighted the professors’ ability to engage and simplify complex concepts, as well as their dedication to student success.

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The mentioned faculty members, originating from various schools and disciplines, extend their support beyond the classroom. They offer invaluable career advice and connect students with lucrative job opportunities, proving to be the driving force behind students’ satisfaction with their chosen business schools.

Ultimately, it is professors like Dr. Wisneski and the other esteemed educators highlighted in the article who make students grateful for their decision to pursue an MBA. Their guidance expands horizons, unveils new possibilities, and molds students into capable professionals ready to conquer the business world.

In a field where guidance and mentorship play a crucial role in shaping careers, these transformative professors serve as beacons of inspiration for MBA students at the W. P. Carey School and beyond.

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