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Top Pay Hikes Across the U.S. in 2023 for Your MBA Career



Last Updated on January 2, 2024 by Robert C. Hoopes

Title: Shifts in the Labor Market: Surprising Wage Growth in Various Industries

In a surprising turn of events, U.S. workers witnessed a 1.7% increase in their real weekly earnings from 2019 to 2023, despite the inflationary pressures caused by the ongoing pandemic. This unexpected rise in wages reflects significant developments in the labor market across several industries.

Topping the list, assistant managers in customer service roles experienced the highest median wage increase of 24% in 2023. This spike can be attributed to labor shortages and high turnover rates, making it imperative for employers to offer more competitive compensation packages to retain skilled professionals.

The decline of the pandemic brought about a surge in demand for salon services, leading to a 22% wage growth for hairstylists in 2023. As people rushed to make up for lost time, salon appointments skyrocketed, creating the need for more experienced professionals in the field.

Master plumbers also witnessed a fast-paced wage growth of 21% in 2023. Increased spending on home improvement and maintenance projects boosted the demand for their services, resulting in higher salaries for these skilled tradespeople.

The automotive industry also experienced significant changes in wages. Automotive body repairers saw a pay boost of 21% in 2023 as retiring workers and a growing need for car technicians drove up demand for their expertise.

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Another occupation that saw significant wage growth was job coaching. Wages for job coaches, whose role involves guiding clients through the ever-changing labor market, increased by 21% in response to growing concerns over the impact of artificial intelligence on employment prospects.

A shortage of skilled workers, coupled with the rising popularity of podcasting and video blogging, led to audio/visual technicians experiencing a wage growth of 20% in 2023. Industries relying on audio and visual content scrambled to secure talented professionals with high demand for their services.

Animators also experienced a considerable wage increase of 19% in 2023. Limited training opportunities and swift promotions created entry-level vacancies, resulting in higher compensation packages for those in the animation industry.

The health and fitness industry also witnessed a boost, with a 19% wage growth for fitness professionals in 2023. With people becoming more health-conscious in the aftermath of the pandemic, the demand for fitness experts soared, leading to higher rewards for their services.

Roofers also saw a wage growth of 19% in 2023. Employers catered to the physically demanding nature of the job by improving incentive packages, while extreme weather conditions caused an uptick in roof repairs.

Lastly, general managers remained in high demand throughout 2023, driving an 18% wage growth. The persistent talent gap in wide-ranging management skills was a key factor behind this surge.

As the labor market continues to adapt to new challenges, these unexpected wage increases across a range of industries offer both opportunities and insights for those aspiring to pursue an MBA career.

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